Geographic information systems and Remote sensing

About GIS-Lab

GIS-Lab was created in April 2002 as an independent online resource specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS). At present, the site is primarily oriented towards Russian-speaking GIS community, however, we ocassionally translate materials in English. If you would like to help with translations (to any language) or proof-reading, please let us know, this will allow a better diversity of materials to appear on GIS-Lab.


This site doesn’t belong to, and isn’t a part of any organization, and is not a home page of any particular individual. The site is managed by a group of specialists from various organizations, and you can start your own section here if it’s relevant to the site’s specialization. There are also ways to get involved in GIS-Lab work, by giving an advice or through a concrete action.


This site is not a money making venture. We don’t advertise anything, and we don’t promote any particular software. The only more or less money oriented activity here is distribution of GIS-Lab disk that replicates all materials of the site and can be used locally, without connecting to internet. All profits are used exclusively for the site development and maintenance, such as hosting, interface improvement, etc.


All GIS-Lab materials are authored by specialists in the field who work for various academic, non-profit, or commercial organizations. Although the site was created and is maintained by a certain group of a few individuals, we welcome anybody who would like to contribute any materials. If you have anything to share with the community, we will be glad to help you publish your materials here (please see details about the site materials). Of course, you will be fully credited as the Author.

Goals and area of interest

The main goal of the site is providing GIS-community with a quality information about GIS solutions for typical problems. The site also serves as a repository for the site authors’ techniques and methods that can be conveyed in the form of articles, and thus made available for easy use in the future. The site creators’ major area of interest is application of GIS in conservation and environmental projects and in natural science disciplines, however, questions and suggestions from representatives of other areas will not be unattended.


Any new technology, including GIS, is difficult to incorporate in the modern scientific and technical processes. GIS is a fairly complicated and science-intensive tool that cannot be immediately used by anybody. On the other hand, only integration of collected data, transparency of the data and effective methods of data processing can help avoid meaningless duplication of efforts and depletion of resources of our environment (which, against the popular consumption perspective, is quite fragile), including the human resource.


The site doesn’t favor any particular GIS software. Lately, we recognize the importance and power of open-source and we will devote particular attention to it. However, we welcome problem solving materials using any software.


To participate in GIS-Lab activities and development, you can get in touch with us via email:, ICQ 5103613, Skype: gis-lab or phone (499)726-1243 (other contacts). You can also use the form at the bottom of each page to send an instant message to the site admins and articles authors.

We are open to cooperation, and will be glad to hear your suggestions, questions, or comments!

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