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VMap1 data in shape-format

Downloads for VMap1 in shape format.

VMap1 data is related to VMap0 dataset. VMap1 is created based on Joint Operation Graphics (JOG) maps of 1:250'000 scale, which by the level of detail is roughly coincide with 1:500'000 scale topographic maps of Soviet topographic series.

Source VMap1 data is distributed in VPF format for the part of the globe and freely downloadable via National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Other tiles were not distributed freely when this article was written.

This page provids access to this data in ESRI shape format.

Available tiles scheme

Data is distributed by tiles, the tiles scheme is presented below (download tiles scheme itself, в shape формате):

Границы зон Vmap0

About data

Data is imported from VPF format, each layer has associated legend file in avl format (usable with Arcview GIS and importable in ArcGIS). Coordinate system fikes (prj) for the layers can be downloaded separately. Data for Russia is the copy of world tiles that intersect Russia's border with coordinate system changed from WGS84 to Pulkovo 1942 using 3 parameters daturm transformation used by NIMA.

Download data

World World World Russia
v1001 v1078 v1132 v1001r
v1007 v1079 v1138 v1007r
v1009 v1080 v1145 v1009r
v1012 v1081 v1151 v1012r
v1013 v1082 v1155 v1013r
v1029 v1087 v1156 v1029r
v1030 v1088 v1159 v1030r
v1031 v1096 v1165 v1031r
v1032 v1097 v1174a v1032r
v1033 v1098 v1174b v1033r
v1035 v1099 v1175 v1035r
v1053 v1100 v1178 v1053r
v1054 v1103 v1179 v1054r
v1057 v1108 v1180 v1057r
v1062 v1109 v1194 v1070r
v1063 v1116 v1195  
v1064 v1124 v1207  
v1070 v1125 v1208  
v1077 v1131    

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