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Current program version: 0.35
(last changed 7 July 2008)

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ARGOS-tools for Arcview GIS is FREE!


We recommend you always use the latest version of the software as it is being extensively tested for bugs. For latest information on how to use please consult User Manual.

Note: For network Arcview users, in case Argos-tools cannot start, check if atools.avx is in <avdir>\AV_GIS30\ARCVIEW\Ext32\ directory , where <avdir> is a folder where you've installed Arcview. If not, locate atools.avx (look first at c:\ ) and put them in this folders manually.

Argos-tools for ArcGIS is also available.
We'd recommend to use Arcview GIS version as better developed and free.

For any questions, information requests, bugs or comments, please contact authors at

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