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[b] bug fixed

[+] feature added

[-] feature removed

[c] feature changed

[0.35] 07.06.2008
[c] Better cleaning for DIA and DS files saved from emails (no need to manually remove headers)
[c] Log file is updated with the PTT number even if it fails to be imported (helps to identify
which PTT records are causing troubles)
[b] S-data in DIA and DS formats can ocassionally contain PTT number (thanks to Tony Parr)
[b] No S-data for some of the points (thanks to Tony Parr)
[b] Remove Duplicates: In case both Full DS and DIAG description exist, remove Full DS, as DIAG can have useful alternative coords.
[b] Number of sensor fields was incorrectly set to 28, should be 32 (max) (thanks to Angel de Frutos)
[b] Remove spatially redundant points produced an error when used with "Use distance" option (thanks to Paul Mikoda)
[b] Incorrect calculation of valid and invalid fixes for the log file - fixed.
[b] Missing value for "Nb mes>-120dB" doesn't crush import DIA process anymore (thanks to Tony Parr)
[b] Missing value for "Altitude" doesn't crush import DIA process anymore

[0.34] 22.01.2007
[+] Filter: Remove spatially redundant points based on location or argos class with or without saving time information in new field.
[c] Sort external files (not imported with Argos-tools) - now can be done correctly if both Date (type: Date) and Time (type: String) fields are present. In Arcview Field Calculator Date values can be created from other string values with date.make([Loc_date],"yyyy-MM-dd") command, Time - [Loc_date].right(8).asstring, or equivalent.
[c] Sorting PTT list before import, to understand progress of import better
[c] Write PTT name in log when starting importing, useful for debugging, to determine which PTT makes Argos-Tools to crush.
[b] Crushing on records with dates containing ???. Now skip those points.
[b] Incorrect "Import of delimited data" option due to some remains of protection procedure.
[b] Import of Telnet files updated with loging, some bugs fixed
[b] Some problems with number precision when building tracks from points.

[0.33] 07.06.2006
[c] Calculations of distances, angles, azimuths are now done with using spherical geometry and so projection independent (0.5% error in calculations). We're planning to refine it futher basing on ellipsoidal Vincenty methods.
[b] Now correctly handling DIA files with missing Lat1, Long1, but present Lat2, Long2 fields
[b] Removing duplicates algorithm improved, some points, after importing files with missing Lat1, Long1, were treated as closest to previous ones, while they are actually the same.

[0.31, 0.32] 20.04.2006
[+] Progress indicator for cleaning process (during import)
[+] Message showing which PTT is being imported and some progree information
[+] Sort ARGOS files. Separate menu option to sort files by date/time
[+] Remove duplicates. Separate menu option to remove duplicating records based on date-time pair. Useful for postprocessing shapefiles imported with invalid fixes.
[b] Cancelling input file selection
[b] Some bugfixes

[0.30] 30.03.2006
[!] ARGOS-Tools for Arcview is now completely FREE
[+] Import of Full DS valid fixes
[+] Import of DIAG data including invalid fixes
[+] Import of Full DS data including invalid fixes
[+] Logging of import process into import.log file, helpful to detect erroneous files

[0.26] 14.02.2005
[b] Erroneously sorted out valid strings with long line of spaces in the end, which cause program to abort
[+] New tool: Manually convert selected points to alternative coordinates or back to check if alternative coords are better;

[0.25.3] 06.11.2004
[b] Minor bug-fixing
[+] Logging installation process to install.log
[b] Error on importing CSV files

[0.25.2] 04.11.2004
[b] Minor bug-fixing

[0.25] 21.10.2004
[b] Cancelling Enter Year dialog in Importing Telnet terminates a program
[b] Correctly handle unusual "Pass duration :?s" pattern (common in ?????? lat\long blocks)
[c] New routine to handle parasitic lines sometimes entered into the file (like "Prog XXXXX" etc)

[0.24] 13.06.2004
[c] Help systems switched back to Arcview message box
[+] Handling invalid formating with blank lines separating the description of the point
[b] Invalid sorting of values with dates that include both 1999 and 2000 values (Excel format) (thanks to M.Parilov from Khingan Nature Reserve)
[b] Skipping calculation when giving time in 0:00:00 format instead of 00:00:00 (Excel format) (thanks to M.Parilov from Khingan Nature Reserve)
[b] Cancelling GMT offset produce an error
[b] Invalid Time values after importing delimited file

[0.23] 16.04.2003
[b] Import of DIA data with missing telemetry values (thanks for Peter Bente from Alaska Department of Fish and Game)

[0.22] 18.03.2003
[b] Import delimited data with missing LC field (no exiting now)
[b] Import of telnet data with strings that contain "?" (the line skipped)
[c] Building track not only from ARGOS, but from any point data

[0.21] 15.03.2003
[+] Support for TX format (no alternative coords, no "msgs" field)

[0.20] 11.03.2003
[b] Cancelling Daydistance stats dialog

[0.19] 10.03.2003
[+] Help added
[c] Naming of DAS filter results changed

[0.18] 08.03.2003
[+] Importing Excel automatically detect delimiter (" ", ",", ";")
[+] Automatic recognition of several variants of meaningfull field names in Excel import
[+] Deleting temporary DBF file after importing from delimited file
[+] AVX renamed to Argos-tools

We recommend you always use the latest version of the software as it is being extensively tested for bugs. For latest information online please look at User Manual.

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