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Applying single legend to multiple layers

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Tool background and description.

This tool can be used for applying a single legend file (qml) for multiple raster or vector layers in QGIS.

Made by Nextgis.png Opensource GIS development and projects


[править] Installation notes

Plugin is available via QGIS official repository.

MultiQML is under development and tested with QGIS 2.0 and higher.

You can obtain sources with this command:

git pull

[править] How does it work

After plugin installation and startup by clicking


main window will appear:


At left there is a layers list which shows layers depending of the active selector «Raster» or «Vector». To apply style to layers:

  • select layers in list (press "Select all layers" to select all available layers of the given type)
  • if you want to make style default — check "Save as default" checkbox
  • press "Apply style" button and select desired .qml

To restore original styles: select layers and press "Restore initial style".

[править] Demo

In this demo, the tool is used to apply a single legend to series of uniformly indexed raster, that have comparable color tables. During demo it is also used to use single min-max legends for series of USGS dems.

<object width="943" height="576">

 <param name="movie" value="/images/qgis-multiqml-01.swf">
 <embed src="" width="943" height="576">


[править] Contacts

If you want report a bug or want make suggestion — use bugtracker. Also if you have a question about the script or plugin usage, you can contact us directly.

[править] Links

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