Географические информационные системы и дистанционное зондирование

PADB — work with spatial and attribute information on Protected Areas

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This is an home page of PADB plugin for QGIS. PADB stands for "Protected Areas Data Base" and aims at providing a easy to use interface to manage information on protected areas and species. QGIS — opensource GIS.


  1. Description
  2. Download
  3. Feedback

1. Description

For detailed description of the plugin installation and to learn how to work with module please consult the manual.

Latest user manual (vesion 0.5 ) available in Russian (english manual is comming soon).

2. Download

We provide the source code of plugin and ready to run binary files compiled against latest SVN version for Windows and Linux.

Ready to use files

To work with plugin under Windows you need:

  1. Download and install QGIS version 1.0.1 or higher (LTS software or current software). Another easy way to install QGIS is using OSGeo4W installer - a package manager for opensource GIS (read more about QGIS installation in Russian
  2. Download PADB plugin installer from (installer or archieve) and install it. When installing you must select the folder where QGIS installed. Usually this is: C:\OSGeo4W\apps\qgis\. If you use archive, then unpack .dll file into plugins folder of the QGIS install directory and unpack .qm file into i18n directory.

To work with plugin under Linux you need:

  1. Install QGIS version 1.0.1 or higher (LTS software or current software). If you can't find peckages for your distribution you must compile QGIS from sources.
  2. Download PADB plugin from here and сopy it to the QGIS plugin directory. Usually this is: /usr/local/lib/qgis/plugins. Localization should be copied into i18n directory of the QGIS installation folder.

After installing you should run QGIS and enable PADB plugin in Plugin manager (Plugins →Manage Plugins).

If you run plugin for the first time, it is necessary to create a database or select an existing one where all attributive information is stored and restart QGIS.

The plugin is tested and works fine on QGIS 1.0.1 and higher under Windows XP and Linux Slackware 12.2.

Source code

You can obtain plugin sources from SVN with this command

svn checkout padb

3. Feedback

If you want report a bug, make suggestion or have a question about the plugin, please contact us.

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Creation date: 04.11.2008
Author(s): Максим Дубинин, Александр Бруй


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