NSIDC DAAC: меняет форму, правила доступа с 2017-01-31.

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NSIDC DAAC: меняет форму, правила доступа с 2017-01-31.

Сообщение nickleb » 17 дек 2016, 09:08

NSIDC DAAC: меняет форму, правила доступа с 31 января 2017 г.
Если раньше можно было, минуя заполнение полей формы регистрации, выйти на ftp-ссылку и получить
доступ к данным, то сейчас они так информируют:

"The NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center (NSIDC DAAC) will soon transition
data distribution protocols from FTP to HTTPS. All data sets distributed through the NSIDC DAAC are now available
for direct download through HTTPS. Accessing data through HTTPS will require users to register with NASA Earthdata Login,
but data will continue to be available free of charge.

To learn more about NASA Earthdata Login and registering for an account, please see
https://wiki.earthdata.nasa.gov/display ... data+Login

Access to data via FTP will no longer be available for NSIDC DAAC data sets on or after 31 January 2017.
Some new NSIDC DAAC data sets released in December 2016 and January 2017 will not include FTP data access links.
Please note that data distributed from other NSIDC programs not affiliated with the NSIDC DAAC
will still be available via FTP access.

A listing of NSIDC DAAC data sets is available at

Users who access NSIDC DAAC data via FTP through scripts will need to adjust their scripts
to access data from HTTPS with Earthdata Login. Information about downloading data from HTTPS with Earthdata Login is available at
https://nsidc.org/support/faq/what-opti ... in-enabled

If you have any questions, please contact the User Services Office at nsidc@nsidc.org."


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