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Announcement of the Mongolian International and National wor

Добавлено: 25 мар 2009, 08:08
Dear Colleagues and Friends,


The National University of Mongolia will be holding the 3rd International and National workshop “Applications of Geo-informatics for Mongolian Natural Resource and Environment” on June 29-30, 2009 in Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia .

This is the 1st announcement of the workshop.Please find the attach file.

On behalf of the organizing committee for the 3rd Mongolian workshop we kindly invite you to participate. We would like you to come and exchange with us your research findings, results of your past project works, ongoing project work, and NGO activities work and future collaborations with us at the workshop.

Application Geo-informatics (Remote Sensing/ GIS) in the Mongolian environment is one of the most important issues in Mongolia . This workshop will allow us to learn lessons about how other nations study similar environmental issues and how they use RS/GIS in their environmental research. It is also a good opportunity to get to know each other’s research areas and collaborate and share ideas with each other.

We are aware that there are many international organizations which are conducting research projects and NGO activities in Mongolia . We greatly appreciate your remarkable contribution to Mongolian environmental studies, and kindly solicit your attendance as contributors and supporters.

For those who are abroad we invite you to kindly come and share your tremendous expertise and research methodologies with us.

Your attendance at the workshop will greatly benefit Mongolian researchers, scientists and students.

Also, please circulate this announcement to any colleagues and friends who may be interested in our workshop.

We will send you a 2nd announcement and detailed information very soon.

Thank you very much.

With kind regards,

Dr. Tsolmon Renchin

Director of the NUM-ITC-UNESCO Remote Sensing/GIS

Laboratory, National University of Mongolia